Winterruption 2023

WINTERRUPTION: Bibby Fibb, Jacob Audrey Taves and Knar - curated by Soundslike

7:00 PM / The Refinery (Satellite Event)

Bibby Fibb:

Hailing from the borderlands of Alberta and Saskatchewan is Bibby Fibb, the latest in a series of projects from the creative recluse known as LXC. Shredding electric guitars throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s in weird punk and grindcore bands like Butcher’d, The Geriatric Orgy, and Instant Pink, his tastes have since mellowed significantly. Numerous recordings of his eclectic output have surfaced over the past decade, mainly from solo projects that incorporate electronics. A jewel amongst this era has been Naked Digits, an album exploring dub, electro, techno, and adjacent tropes; recorded mid-summer in Athens, live off the floor in one session with no overdubs or editing. This developed (with the addition of vocals and a drum kit) into the more composed and polished sound of Stuud, which allowed a glimpse into his synthpop and industrial influences. It would appear that these palettes have since coalesced somewhat into his latest incarnation, Bibby Fibb. The kit for this jaunt consists of a mic, a mandolin, some fx pedals, and a drum machine. Such a mix, so expertly synthesized, may invoke fever dreams that only adventurous astral travelers should undertake. The spiritual spare tire is in the trunk, if needed.

Jacob Audrey Taves:

Communicating in a language of errors, hum, crackle, feedback and found sounds, composer and improviser Jacob Audrey Taves explores themes of alienation, post-industrial anxiety and the push and pull between macro and micro social, political and sonic frameworks. Utilizing the fragile nature of malfunctioning equipment and exposing unintentional audio artifacts, Taves' work gives errors room to develop and to have voices of their own in an emotive, free-form structure.

Jacob Audrey Taves is best known for their ongoing plunderphonic industrial project Holzkopf. They are also a member of Organs Without Bodies (with percussionist John Brennan) as well as Assault Charge (a punk/digital hardcore band with songwriter and author Eamon McGrath). Taves was the guitar player for the short lived no-wave three piece Other Jesus. They are curator of the audio/video collage series Interior Network.

Throughout their various bands and projects they have toured Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico and Japan, sharing billing with Merzbow, Keiji Haino, Venetian Snares, Freida Abtan, John Oswald, Mark Hosler (Negativland), People Like Us and others. They have performed at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival (Canada), Hamsylet (Ukraine), Body Machine Body (Estonia), ZNFI (Slovenia), Yaga Gathering (Lithuania), 4D Festival (Japan) and have been an artist in residence at Les Pixels Transverseux (Sevres, France), Hammock (Vancouver, Canada) and PAVED Art & New Media (Saskatoon, Canada).


As Knar, Brennan Hart has been haunting the Saskatoon electronic music scene for almost 3 decades. Exploring a variety of genres. His influences include Acid, Braindance, Jungle, Breakcore, Gabber and Electro. Knar features strong melodies with emotional undertones set to dance inducing beats. His hardware setup allows for a high level of improvisation that makes each live experience unique. Knars live performances have been enjoyed by audiences across Canada and Europe.

Back in the late 90s, his low-fi Amiga computer beats quickly earned him belonging with Berlin based Electronic/Punk label Digital Hardcore Recordings. From there, he gained international recognition in the early 2000's Breakcore and Intelligent Dance Music scenes with his emotion provoking melodies and erratic sample based beats. In the 2010s Knar parted ways with his computer and made the transition to hardware based instrumentation. This provided a more authentic live music experience and a fresh outlook on the entire music production process. He continues to push his vintage and obsolete tools to make new and creative sounds. Knar is excited to bring new music to the Winteruption audience in his first live performance since the pandemic. Be ready.

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